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  "History Inspires"
P&H Sea Kayaks were amongst the early pioneers of modern sea kayaking. The first kayak that P&H manufactured for the sea was as far back as the early 1970s. It was a called the "Swift", a short river kayak adapted via the addition of a skeg and watertight hatches and subsequently used to cross between the UK and Ireland.
Our first true modern sea kayak was manufactured during 1979. Working closely with designer Derek Hutchinson we launched the Umnak, a 15' expedition sea kayak with full deck rigging, waterproof hatches and retractable skeg. Other models were soon to follow, Icefloe, Baidarka, Fjord, Iona, Dawn Treader Odin and Orion. Most of these British sea kayaks are now regarded as the classics of their day and are etched into the history of modern sea kayak design.

During the 1990's, as sea kayaking grew rapidly in popularity and paddlers sought ever-higher performance standards the P&H sea kayak range continued to evolve. The finest attributes of these early designs were improved whilst any negative attributes were left behind.

The models you see in this site were to follow this philosophy of classic design alongside modern technology and quality and represent the pinnacle of sea kayak design today. The spirit of the early sea kayaks lives within the new range and represents everything we have learned in over two decades of sea kayak design and manufacture.

During our history we have been involved with many classic sea kayaking expeditions, just a few highlights are shown below:

1980 - Prince William Sound Expedition (Hutchinson, Caskey, Jowsey, Peck, Wilson)

1986 - Greenland, our first major expedition, headed by the explorer Earle Bloomfield. This expedition followed in the footsteps of the explorer Gino Watkins, an early pioneer, famous for his exploration of the coast of Greenland. This expedition was the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary (Bloomfield, Joy, Gray, Pompei).

1989 - Jim Danielsson's epic 148 day trip along the Scandinavian Coastline.

1992 - Cape Horn. We were proud to provide one of the kayaks used by John Ridgeway and his daughter Rebecca, in their successful attempt to round the treacherous Cape Horn, an event that was featured on National news within the UK.

1996 - Sweden to Morocco by kayak (Johan Nilsson).

1997 - Greenland expedition (Cooper, Comrie, Bruce, Reid)

1999 - Spitzbergen sets the record for the North Sea Crossing (Castro)

1999 - Human Power Around The World - an expedition to circle the globe by bike and kayak (McLaughlin and McLaughlin)

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