Welcome to P&H Sea Kayaks, “the British specialists in sea kayak design”   

  In finding this website you have shown a desire for adventure, exploration and freedom from our hectic lifestyles, a need to discover more about yourself and the planet you live on. After all, three quarters of it is covered in water so what better way of exploring it than in an ecological friendly, human powered kayak?

As our tag line "The British specialists in sea kayak design" suggests we have a long pedigree for fine designs and outstanding craftsmanship. Being out on the water is in our blood and we pride ourselves on delivering the choice, quality and innovation you would expect from people who not only design and build kayaks but who actually use them too. Our experience is what has kept us at the very forefront of the industry since we started designing and manufacturing sea kayaks over 30 years ago.

The skill, dedication and passion of all our staff is what takes the company forward and maintains these high standards and can only reassure you that owning a P&H kayak is the right choice.